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Languedoc Wines For Sale.

During my wine tours in Languedoc I had the privilege to visit some stunning vineyards and meet some very special people passionate about the terroir, the wines and the environement. At la Grange Leon in Berlou Joel and his wife Veronique are one of them. It took me a few years to convince Joel that he should export his wines to the UK and finally this year he accepted to give me the exclusivity and the privilege to promote his nectars.
I have selected the following for your pleasure …and mine.

Discover the essence of Southern France with our exquisite collection of Languedoc Wine. Each bottle captures the unique terroir of the Languedoc region, renowned for its diverse landscape that ranges from the rolling hills to the sunny Mediterranean coast. Our handpicked selection includes the robust Faugères Red, a 2021 Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée that embodies the classic blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Grenache, offering a harmonious balance of spiciness, fruit, and depth. Indulge in the delicate and soft Le Blanc de L’Oeuf, a 2021 Viognier with Protected Geographical Indication that whispers of stoned fruits and has a finish that lingers, making it a perfect accompaniment for those warm Scottish summers. Or, choose the Fleur des Causses Rosé, a 2021 Vin De France, which is a testament to the Languedoc's versatility, blending Syrah and Cinsault to create a 'gastro-rosé' that is both voluptuous and powerful. Celebrate the rich winemaking tradition of Languedoc with us and bring the French joie de vivre to your table with every sip. Shop our Languedoc Wine selection today and savor the taste of this storied wine-producing region

Jean-Michel with friend tasting Languedoc wine
Jean-Michel carrying box with Languedoc wines

Boxes of 6. Single bottles and mixed cases available.

Place your order at:
or phone 07760761170 for payments and delivery.

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